The Ultimate 
Business Strategy Guide

For Small Business, Startups and Entrepreneurs 

Welcome to the ultimate business strategy guide for your small business and startups

Every business needs to have some sort of strategy to follow. The business strategy is your anchor point, it sets you on the pathway to your goals. Without a strategy, it's easy to lose your way, get confused and fall into uncertainty. In this guide we set out the steps involved with creating a solid business strategy for your new startup  or small business. 



A good vision statement is your anchor point. It should outline what the business will look like when you ultimately achieve your goals. The vision gives purpose to the existence of the company. Values are an extension of your vision – the reason being, that they go to the heart of your business strategy, because it defines you and your people. 

  • How to write the perfect vision statement.
  • How to create the right set of company values.
  • why is it important to clearly state your vision and values.



A strategic plan is nothing without a set of clearly defined outcomes. Visions, missions and focus areas are a great starting point – but no-one will take your plan seriously unless you can clearly articulate what steps you are going to take to get there – and what success looks like for each of those steps.

  • How to create the right set of strategic objectives
  • What is the best way to structure a strategic objective
  • How many objectives is reasonable and achievable



Understanding the basic elements that drive your business growth is critical. these are your key metrics, the things that will create the greatest change. Establishing a baseline for your product or service creates a reference point from which you can measure its progress, either up or down. 

  • How to establish your businesses key metrics
  • 7 Key metrics every business needs to monitor
  • How do KPI differ from my key metrics



the purpose of this step is to define your accountability in your initial strategic plan as a part of defining your journey. Ideally, the people responsible for a particular segment of your plan should also contribute to the policies and procedures themselves. That’s the best way to drive engagement and  accountability.

  • How to create a policy of accountability
  • How to reinforce procedure without stifling individuality 
  • Who is to blame when procedures have been ignored



Customer experience is an area of business strategy that is often overlooked. It's not until things start going wrong that business realises that they just are not nurturing their customers. The strategy of CX is becoming the great differentiator and should form the basis of strategy.

  • How to build a strategy that closes the experience gap 
  • The top 5 components of a great customer experience policy
  • How will the customer experience improve my business



It’s all well and good for to have a solid strategic plan, but if your people have not bought in or engaged, your strategy will remain as just words on paper. Employee engagement can be described as the degree to which your people are invested in the success of the business.

  • How to ensure your employees have a sense of purpose
  • What is the best way to recognise and reward employees
  • The 7 proven steps to improve employee engagement

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