The Ultimate Guide to
Sales Process  

‚ÄčFor Small Business, Startups and Entrepreneurs 

Welcome to the ultimate guide to a conversion focused Sales Process for small business and startups

A conversion focussed sales process that delivers a consistent customer experience should be one of your top priorities. Most startups and small business operators think that selling just happens if you have a good product or if you have paid a lot for marketing. In this guide we show you the framework you need.


Step 1 - MEET & GREET

It takes 7 seconds for your prospect to make a judgement about who you are. First impressions do count and you need to be at your best always, from the way you look, the way you dress and the body language you present you are being judged before you even open your mouth.

  • How to get people to like you within the first minute of meeting
  • What is the real purpose of the meet & greet/ initial encounter.
  • What is the best way to get the conversation on track.



How can you expect to meet someone's expectations if you don't know what they are.Many salespeople gloss over this very important step in the sales process. This is your opportunity to uncover all the relevant information you need to provide a customer focused sales experience.

  • What information should you obtain from the discovery
  • How do you get the prospect to provide the right information 
  • Why is it important to provide a customer focused process 



Most people think that this is an opportunity to say everything you know about your product or service and show the prospect how everything works. Most of which is either not relevant or provides no real benefit to the intended purchaser. Chances are that your spei has been a total waste of time.

  • What should you demonstrate and talk about with the prospect
  • What are the signs which suggest your prospect is interested
  • How will the demonstration help when its time to close the sale



This process helps to remove any misunderstanding or assumptions that may have developed throughout your conversation so far. Too often sales people get carried away with anticipation about a sale and forget to cover off on some crucial detail that left unchecked may derail the whole process.

  • What are the critical questions to ask in the qualifying process
  • How will you know if the prospect is ready for the next step
  • The top 10 problems that occur when you don't qualify properly


Step 5 - THE OFFER

Presenting a tailored offer in writing that meets the clients needs, is the most professional, open and honest way to communicate what it is that you are going to deliver to the client.  This process leaves no doubt about what they are intending to purchase and at what value.

  • What is the best way to present a written offer to your prospect
  • Why is it important to provide the offer in writing and not verbal
  • What is the process in moving from the offer to an outcome



An agreed outcome is not the same as "closing the sale". As a customer focused procedure, it's important to remember the win win  philosophy. The connotations that come with closing the sale, suggest you only have a vested interest in one side of the equation. An agreed outcome should be a win for both sides

  • What is the real benefit of a win win agreed outcome
  • How can you be sure that an agreed outcome will be possible
  • What should you do once the prospect has agreed to the offer

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