The Ultimate Guide to a Marketing Framework 

For Small Business, Startups and Entrepreneurs 

Welcome to the ultimate marketing  framework guide for your small business and startups

Marketing your local business is different than marketing, an online software company.  There are many local considerations,  content and directory sites that can make or break your small business marketing efforts. In this guide we break down the key elements and show you exactly how to make the most of our marketing framework, so you can take your small business or startup to the next level.



Strategy first, is a well worn concept, but many startups and small business get carried away with some early wins and then loose their way. Carving out a clear strategy, albeit, flexible and constantly challenged, provides the backbone and pathway for all future decisions. Without  a solid strategy, doubt and uncertainty will prevail. 

  • Knowing what is at the end of your journey is the first step.
  • How to find the right audience/market for your product.
  • How to craft your message so it speaks to the real problem.



Content is the core of inbound marketing, which has evolved from your simple blog to a great deal more. Content is the basis for explaining to your audience what it is that you do and how you go about it. Content not only drives your business strategy, it also  engages your followers, builds trust and drives traffic to your website. 

  • how to create interest and engage your market with content
  • What should you include in every blog post and other content
  • how to get your blog/article published on social and read 



The way people buy today has changed dramatically over time,. There are now so many choices and endless amounts of information, placing additional importance around the customers journey. Designing content that helps to move your prospect along the journey, from awareness to purchase and beyond, means you really need to know your customer. 

  • Understanding your customer journey and why it's important
  • Learn the key elements in moving along the journey pathway
  • How to improve your customers journey at every touchpoint



Generating quality leads from your content is known as inbound marketing. By providing your audience with information, tools and advice, you begin to attract the interest and eventual interaction from your target market. Combining an offer or content upgrade in exchange for some contact details, will provide the basis for a lead. 

  • How to create the best lead generation page for your website
  • what are the best content upgrades to get your prospects engaged
  • How to optimise your online presence for lead generation



Nurturing the marketing qualified lead(MQL) through to a sales qualified lead(SQL) means you have moved the prospect further down the customer journey path from awareness and interest to engagement. In today’s marketing world smart companies are tapping powerful nurturing tools and technology to help their prospects get to know, like, and trust them.

  • How to move from MQL to SQL and keep them engaged
  • what is the best lead nurturing software for your business
  • What is the next step to conversion in the nurturing process



There are many moving parts involved in marketing and the online elements increase in importance with each passing day. However, creating your online presence can be a daunting experience, there is so much to know. The key is to understand which  components are going to drive your business without wasting time and money

  • How to create an online presence that drives your business
  • How to ensure your local business gets found online
  • What are the basic elements every small business should have

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